Registered F.C.R.A Charity Number - 010170148



We are inspired and motivated by the message prescribed by Apostle James 1:27. In his letter, “Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: “To visit Orphans and widows in their distress The state of Andhra Pradesh is comprised of thousands of villages and hundreds of towns and tens of cities. In my course of visiting and preaching in different places and churches and visit the servants of God, I came to know that hundreds and thousands of widows living in horrible conditions, not having clothes to cover fully their bodies, inadequate food to eat, suffer terribly from diseases for lakh of medicines and lack of attention, living in deplorable conditions which has moved me to do this ministry for this glory of God.

Having this as a challenge and deeply felt that in the sight of our living God, ignoring the widows when they suffer, is not pardonable, so we took up this challenge, to help whatever and wherever it is possible. We have surveyed the villages and towns. From each centre we have gathered 100 names and their historical background, out of each hundred from the village we have sorted out 10 widows, from 100 villages we have selected 1000 or 1500 most needy and destitute widows.

To begin with we started helping 50 widows from 5 villages, giving them $5 a month, to care for their food and medicines. But now this same help is extended to 100 widows from 10 villages every widow is receiving $5 every month total 100 widows. In addition to this we are conducting once every six months, Widows Fellowship meeting in different places to ascertain their well-being and to meet any emergencies they have, and distribute clothes, home needs such as medicines, soaps, blankets, detergents etc., and meet their travel expenses and provide a common meal.

After this we give them the assurance of God’s Promise that he will wipe away their tears and give them their needs. We develop faith and confidence in God and they are extremely thankful to God for taking care of them by us.

We still have to enter 90 villages more and pick up the most needy destitute, who are looking for someone to help them. We are hoping that the Lord will open a way to care for the suffering widows in all these 90 villages. We hope to expend this help to widows in all districts and we fully trust, God has a way help and it may be you who is interested in helping. These suffering, neglected widows, certainly need your prayers, your cooperation, as Apostle James rightly said we have the confidence that we are on the right track in providing minimum needs. We are inviting the like-minded men and women, brothers and sisters, believers is the Lord, This is an open opportunity to stretch your blessed hand and bless these widows

If someone desirous of visiting these widows and brings hope and salvation you are most cordially invited and we welcome you. They need you. They need your help, they need your prayers, and they need your blessings. Please do remember them.

Since the widows are more, we are planning and praying for opportunities to open widow centres in different places. At present one widow’s home with 12 rooms is under construction to house 50 widows. By this way we are spreading the salvation of Jesus and we need your prayers.