Releasing widows from Poverty

                                                           Compassion in Jesus' Name


                                               "A BRIEF SKETCH ABOUT THESE WIDOWS"



In our Grace Children's Orphanage widows, we have 100 individuals. All these widows have different pathetic episodes to narrate besides their husband’s death on various candid reasons. Such as, old age, drunkenness, financial depression, large debts, suicides and children neck them out.


However, all these families hail from remote villages, who are dependent upon casual and periodical labor. In other words if there is work available they are willing to work, that too, the owner of the agricultural fields should call and invite the men to work in their fields. Many of the labors are being deprived for not being called by the land owner.


Their families are big, to support the family, they need to work, no work no food and they are forced to borrow at a high interest when the loan is not repaid the principal amount bulges. In the meanwhile the members are sick or suffer from malnutrition and many complications are added, which eventually lead them to die. Sometimes their own children refuse to take care of them. So they neck them out. Such are the pathetic stories of each widow in scores. We feel pity and we are trying our best to bring the widows to normal life and provide them comfortable life and happiness.


Each widow requires food, accommodation, clothes, medicines, good atmosphere etc., in order to maintain a pretty normal life. In these price spiraling times, we are unable to give them what we want to give. Nevertheless, we are doing our best and by the provocation of Heavenly Father we are approaching good and compassionate friends, brothers and sisters like you with prayers and supplications, to have a compassionate and concerned look and Support for the widows.


Thank you very sincerely for your favorable and positive response for which act of kind and graciousness, the widows are ever grateful to you and our prayers and their prayers are with you as they are with us. A big thank you for each one of you in the sweet and saving name of our Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ our blessed Lord.