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Working for the welfare of the Lepers is one of the activities in our Grace Ministries. From the very inception of our Organization, importance and deep concern was shown to bring up and extend aid to the Lepers. But there was no sufficient encouragement from any social or voluntary organizations, the activities could not continue vigorously. However, if there are some interested societies or organizations or even individuals who can come forward to revise this needy project, our organization will welcome them and initiate our action plan to reach these neglected and isolated lepers.

In this connection I wish to bring to your purview some facts about these people. We find these lepers, from into groups or colonies live away from the societies, as they cannot move with the normal society.

They live together, get help from each other in their colony. They suffer from serious skin disease, tissues disfunction, sores turn into red and exposed, sometimes blood and possesses out for lack of bandage. Their look itself is ugly and keeps them away, but since nobody cares for them, they need to look out for the survival and therefore they go begging in the market places & go to individual houses for food.

It would be something great if care is given to them, educate them about the spread of the disease so that their posterity can be protected.

When we visit some villages and towns and see their deplorable conditions, we are forced to do something for them. When we narrate the story of the lepers healed by in Jesus New Testament and tell them the love of Jesus many are interested in the power of Jesus healing. They believe Christ as their Saviour. They meet as believers in different places, worship God. By helping these people we can preach to them the salvation of Jesus.

I request you very humbly and sincerely to join with us in serving these people. The needs of these people are bread and milk, clothes, hospital care and treatment, houses to live in. You can directly come and personally distribute the help and we will assist you as an organization, when you have the opportunity, please do something.

In case you cannot come, you let us know how you want to do this, we can submit to you the reports with Photos and any other requirements we will provide you, we have some disabled people who need some vehicles. We can send you a list with pictures, when you call for them.

Looking forward for your response and pray for these people. Please find the some following pictures of Leprosy

May God bless You!

In His Service

Emmanuel Nethala